An enterprise level payment presentment and settlement platform for a multi-location, multi-branch banking organization. It truncates the physical instrument / form at the branch of deposit / point of first deposit / customer end / vendor location, captures instrument image and credit side data, seamlessly integrates with the accounting systems / cash managment systems, moves it through an automated workflow, presents to the "ideal" clearing and settlement enabler / settles the transactions, and delivers funds faster to customers.

It is a scalable, robust, secure, efficient, modular, reliable, easy to use, automated, parameterized, and functionally rich enterprise payment presentment and settlement software suite.


  • Core Cheque Truncation System
  • Fully web enabled, multi-grid – CTS including Capture
  • Flexibility of Inward processing (BOFD wise / Amount wise / Drawee Sort Code wise / Instrument Type wise)
  • Plug & Play with all leading cheque scanners available
  • Platform Independent
  • User Access & Data grouping – prioritized segregation
  • Dynamic Views (Full / snippet)
  • Parallel processing
  • Horizontally & vertically scalable
  • Straight through processing with seamless integration with core accounting systems
  • Dashboards to monitor transaction status in real time
  • Robust reporting engine that can be scheduled to run preset reports and deliver to end users

A software toolkit API that enables detection, inspection and analysis of UV bands on cheques. Detects photocopies on non-MICR paper. Can be integrated with various back-end systems and used as the enabler to deter frauds in any cheque processing environment.


  • Real-time detection
  • High throughput maintained with inline detection of UV Zones/bands
  • Accurate measure of UV pixels in image
  • Photocopy detection
  • Interest point Detection that highlights UV zones/ bands and analyzes content within to identify any intensity change- tracking the contours of content with the zone
  • "Spots" entire zones, bank logos, pre-printed text, standard symbols, UV paper "Threads" in each image
  • Prompt for "NO PRESENCE" enabling human inspection of such instruments
  • Prompt for "Suspect Text" within UV Zone for further human inspection

A payment presentment platform to enable creation, receipt and processing of large volume of repetitive electronic payment instructions for a multi-location, multi-branch banking organization.


  • Single platform for multiple payment types
  • A multi-currency, multi-session system enabling rolling, deferred net settlement for different transaction types
  • Capability to carry forward item queues between clearing cycles across clearing days
  • Secure, encrypted communication across the network
  • Capability to suspend transactions, keep in abeyance, retry failed transactions
  • Processing high priority transactions “out-of-queue” enabling high-value transactions to go through first
  • Forward Presentment with “store and forward-attach” capability
  • Use of CTS Cheque scanners for mandate form capture enabling infrastructure sharing for optimal resource usage
  • Mandate management including transaction mandate validation prior to automated financial processing
  • Standing Instructions creation, maintenance and execution
  • Support for ISO20022 and ISO8583 message format enabling STP with core accounting systems

An application that provides real time status of availability of currency in respective denominations across the multiple touch points of a bank like Branch, ATMs, CMS, Currency Chests, BNAs etc. Enables the bank user to raise 'Cash Indent' / 'Cash Offload' requests within the defined geographies to ensure smooth functioning and cost optimization.


  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of Inflow and Outflow of cash currency notes
  • Real-time, denomination wise status of Cash at Branch
  • Dynamic currency Addition / Deletion with immediate reflection in all the modules
  • ISO message based integration with CBS for transaction processing (CR / DR)
  • Determines Vault position of respective branches at End of Day
  • Range of real-time multi layered Dashboards
  • Search for analyzing top 'n' deficit or excess cash branches
  • Search for determining nearby branch within a radius of parametrized 'x' kilometers

A native mobile app to deposit a cheque from anywhere, anytime!


  • Supports end-to-end Encryption, Automated, Simple to use
  • OCR reading of the MICR Codeline
  • Applies inbuilt image correction / image warping algorithms
  • Validates Image Quality for cheque processing ensuring minimal exception items
  • Courtesy Amount recognition to read the item value and validating the deposit
  • Enables distributed capture
  • Design ensures elimination of skewed image capturing and defocused image when capturing image

ExpressTXR - ASP Enterprise Application

A high performance transaction processing platform for a banking organization. It enables collection, organization and management of transaction data, determination engines to accurately and speedily process transactions and invoicing, ensuring Tax compliance to regulatory requirements with total reconciliation with various back-end transaction sources.


  • Resilience
  • Deduplication
  • Multi-Threaded
  • Concurrent Parallel Processing
  • Distributed
  • Fault Tolerant
  • Highly Available
  • Non-Stop 24 X 7 Services
  • Multi Instances to Achieve Any SLA

An enterprise Rule-based Automated Signature Verification platform that extracts signatures from cheques, performs feature analysis, validates against master signature templates that are pre-classified for the account, returning a score depicting the probability that the signature is made by the same hand for each individual signature on items. It enables banks to migrate the account operating instructions as rules and validates the transactions against the rules for each account and flags suspects / failed rules validation for human inspection - enabling the bank's signature verification teams to spend time and attention on items needing human expert review resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.


Automated Static Signature Verification
  • Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
  • Returns a score
  • Flags suspect signatures
  • Runs as a service
  • Integrates with any application
  • Adapts to "inherent" differences in signatures
Rule based Signature Verification
  • Multiple Rules, Variable parameters
  • Assured validation of every Operating instruction
  • Minimal human intervention
  • Rule manitenance simplified
  • Faster processing
  • Hybrid intelligent forgery detection system

Software & Hardware engineered together to send IVR based bulk notifications to the customers and receive inline responses – an ideal tool to contain cheque frauds.


  • Live interaction with the customer
  • Highly parameterized
  • Efficient and Cost-effective
  • Support for analog and digital telephone lines
  • Inline OTP / PIN authorization
  • Self maintenance functions
  • Multi-lingual - English, Hindi & Regional languages supported
  • Detailed MIS for monitoring and analysis
  • Enabling STP through ISO 8583 messaging
  • Capable of completing 5000 notifications every three hours
"Convert ECCS to CTS with No changes to current process and no Additional Training"
"Most Cost Effective solution for migration to Cheque Truncation"

ExpressClear Lite - a payment presentment platform for a multi-location, multi-branch banking / financial institution. It enables process automation to paper based instruments (Cheques, Drafts, Claims, Forms etc.) to create a faster payment processing system by reducing processing time and improving operational efficiency.
For the end customer it means faster funds.

It truncates the physical instrument at the branch of deposit / point of first deposit, capture instrument image and credit side data, seamlessly integrate it with the accounting system, move it through an automated workflow and present to any clearing house exchange system for settlement that will efficiently and cost-effectively complete the transaction for your bank.

This is a scalable, robust, secure, efficient, modular, reliable, easy to use, automated, parameterized, and functionally rich enterprise payment presentment and settlement software suite.

Salient Features

  • “Ideal” for banks with volumes less than One thousand transactions per day
  • Complies to all standards and regulations as prescribed by NPCI and RBI
  • Supports Image Quality Assurance as per ANSI standards and Usability assurance as prescribed by NPCI / RBI
  • Offers all standard clearing reports as per NPCI and RBI
  • Compatible with most leading brands of Cheque Scanners
  • Offers flexibility to define data structures for import & export of data and images
  • Capability to Export & Import external files in .txt, .csv, .dat and .prn formats
  • Offers a range of configurable parameters for system settings like import / export paths, password specifications etc


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